The City of Wichita monitors ambient air for the criteria pollutants ozone (ground-level), nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxide and particulate matter in accordance with regulations set forth in the Clean Air Act.

The Wichita MSA is taking proactive steps to avoid exceeding the 8-hour ozone standard, set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and to protect the physical health of residents by participating in a voluntary EPA program called Ozone Advance. This collaborative effort between EPA, Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) and the Wichita MSA encourages effective reductions in ozone levels in order to ensure the protection of human health, attainment with the federal ozone standard, and resources are directed towards actions that address ozone precursors.

We appreciate your partnership with the City of Wichita as we strive to achieve better air quality for the region. Thank you for your commitment to the actions outlined in this plan.

What is an Ozone
Action Plan (OAP)?

  • An Ozone Action Plan is a set of actions set forward by a business to help reduce its ozone-causing emissions
  • The plan can have a variety of projects ranging from idling reduction, to 9/80 scheduling
  • Plans are efficient, sustainable, completely voluntary, and can be revised to fit all businesses, big or small
  • Click HERE to create your own plan, or CONTACT US and we can set up some time to discuss actions your business can take to improve air quality, and even provide cost-saving benefits

why is reducing ozone
emissions important?


Breathing poor quality air can
result in a number of health
effects and even lead to a variety
of respiratory illnesses.


Aside from health risks there are many economic repercussions if the City were to fall into a non-attainment designation.

Loss of federal
highway and
transit funding

More stringent and
expensive control
equipment for

Loss of industry and
economic development
in and around the
Wichita area

More costly summer
gasoline specifically
designed to reduce