Meet Beeatrice

Her name is Beeatrice but everyone calls her “B.” She loves the outdoors but her family has a history of asthma so when air quality is poor she’s forced to stay in her hive. B checks AirNow daily for the air quality forecast and when it’s not safe to go outside, it’s a total buzzkill! Read More

Some of her favorite activities include stand-up paddle boarding the Arkansas River, buzzing around the Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning, and volunteering at Botanica. You can imagine how important it is to her that air quality remains good! B encourages all her friends and family to help keep the air clean and the community healthy – hey, you can help, too! Be Air Aware and Take the Pledge. Less

Don’t Bee a Buzzkill, Bee the Difference

Take the Pledge

Pledge to reduce ozone by choosing to take one or more of the following actions. The more actions you take, the more the jar fills up! The fuller the jar, the happier – and healthier – Beeatrice is!

By sharing your contact information, we’ll be able to track the community’s impact. Beeatrice promises you won’t feel the sting of spam!

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Bee Engaged

Be aware of changing air quality conditions

Sign up for Ozone Alerts!

Ozone Alerts are a proactive measure to keep ozone levels low in Wichita and surrounding areas. When an Ozone Alert is issued, unhealthy concentrations of ground-level ozone are predicted for the following day. To receive an email when an Ozone Alert is issued, click here.

Want to know more?

See hourly ozone updates on the Environmental Protection Agency’s AirNow site!

Want to request a speaker?

Be Air Aware KS offers learning opportunities for classrooms, workshops, business settings, and more. Contact to learn more.